Benvenuti nel sito dell'Arte della Ceramica Mileto

Mileto: The Art of Ceramics

The Art of Ceramics is a workshop which was opened by Agatina Mileto in 1981 and it is known for its distinguished products of porcelain which are all lovingly painted by hand. After the World War II (1946), Agatina Librando Mileto started gaining her artistic skills in Denmark, especially she studied the technique of “petit feu” and porcelain decoration at Royal Copenhagen’s factory.

She works with passion and dedication that has never left her and which she trasmitted to two of her four children, Anna Aloisa and Francesca. Both of them have great talent which confirms that they ahve inherited their’s mother skills and ability to create beautiful and original works of art.
The interchangable and continous work of Agatina, Anna Aloisa and Francesca creates exquisite objects and free expression of each artist.

Last few years, the workshop developed and improve techniques of painting Easter eggs using many different decorations such as flowers, fruits, landscapes, religious and traditional.

The Art of Ceramic’s porcelain creations were shown in worldwide exhibitions and the city of Rome awarded Agatina Librando Mileto “Maestra dell’Artigianato” in 2003.

In October 2009, Palazzo di Venezia payed homage to the work and career of the artist with the exhibition of 80 porcelain painted eggs from private collections.

Agatina paint in the workshop

The precision

Petit feu colors

Our first oven